BB spa

BB spa

High quality and mechanics of precision

An idea of Mr Marco Bartoletti gave life in 1990 to the BB spa Company.
BB spa fabricates high quality steel, aluminium, brass, wood and plastic accessories.
Our 5.000 square meters manufacturing facility is located in Calenzano, Via Petrarca, 158, Italy and we have many satisfied customers worldwide.

BB spa takes care of the whole productive cycle: from the project and creation of prototypes to the final run on wide scale, according to the customer's requirement.
Moreover, BB spa offers a complete service from the first idea to the refinement which distinguishes a luxury metallic accessory. The complete cycle check is possible thanks to the other companies of the BB Holding group, such as Company Progecta, Auralia and BB spa.

Constant modernisation and avangarde machines

Company BB spa can satisfy, in a very short lead time, any customer's request with a high quality standard, both for short run or high volume, thanks to:

The plant is divided in several units. The Turning-Unit is equipped with traditional CNC sliding headstock lathes with motorized accessories. Every lathe is equipped with an automatic bar feeder and can work from 1 to 100mm, still keeping a high precision and quality performance.

The Milling Unit is equipped with horizontal job centers at numeric control, some of them are indicated for engraving jobs, some else for a serial production. More than this, the Company BB spa owns a full dept equipped with cutting, engraving and laser welding machines.

Highly professional and continually researching

In order to guarantee high quality products, BB spa always works a strict check at each production stage. For the special machines the Company owns, the internal quality-Lab can make test of effort and wear, while project managers can use sensor laser to learn a surface dimension or work on CAD CAM plan-workstations. The Sampling-department of the Company gives a constant check at any developing stage of a project.
The avantgarde machines and a skilled staff structure are the main characteristics of BB spa, gaining worth and prestige mainly thanks to the competence, the care and the efficiency of its highly skilled staff. Everyday, project managers, checking employees and the quality-check inspectors share their know-how and skills to the neverending research of the excellence, which distinguish the BB company.

he change… Ability of a refined accessory

In other words, BB spa is the reliable partner which guarantees highly complete performances, and which takes care of all details: here is the real strength of the Company.

BB spa is the high quality standard Company with a very short lead time.
Its precision and refined products are addressed to customers who demand the best accuracy in finishing and who are in the most different market-areas.
Among its customers BB spa counts vehicle-textile-accessory and high fashion industries. So, the BB spa product is not only an easy complement, but it reinvents the definition of the word "accessory", by making it necessary.

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