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BB S.p.A is a precision mechanical company that produces high-quality accessories, made ​​in various materials such as steel, aluminum, brass, wood and plastics. BB S.p.A. takes care of the whole production cycle from design and implementation of the prototypes to the final run on wide scale, according to the costumer requests.

The company provides more and more complete and strict performances, having its strenght in the attention to details.
The gained experience, the constant development and the orientation to continuos improvement, have led BB S.p.A. to take care of the customer satisfaction, in addition to the improvement in the relationship with its staff and with the other company stakeholders. Furthermore BB S.p.A. pays specific attention to the pollution prevention in addition to the optimization of using resources.

For these reasons, BB S.p.A. has taken the decision to build an Integrated System of Quality-Environment- Social Responsability according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, SA 8000:2014.
The BB S.p.A. management is the first reponsible of the Policy application and for this reason BB S.p.A. works hard to communicate policy contents at every level of the organisation.
BB S.p.A. is committed to assessing corporate risks and BB S.p.A. redesigning treatment plans to eliminate them.
The BB S.p.A. management sets goals related to:
- Customer satisfaction level;
- Grade of efficiency of the production process in the Integrated Management System and about the possible improvement;
- Compliance with the Regulations (environmental or any other that the company decides to underwrite);
- Prevention of pollution and actions to reduce the emissions or wastes in general, with a specific focus on the preservation of natural resources;
- Resources optimization in general. For the human resources, BB S.p.A. takes care of carreers and improvement of company climate;
- Growth of BB S.p.A. image in the market;
- GGrowth of the Company profitability.

Furthermore BB S.p.A. management wants to:
- guarantee that all of the organization activities comply with SA8000 standards, with the national laws applied to BB S.p.A. industry area (e.g. D. Lgs 81/2008) and with ILO standards;
- operate using methods or systems in order to promote a socially responsible work environment and the personal growth of every employees, according to local laws and human rights (ONU);
- guarantee a costant supervision and improvement of BB S.p.A. Integrated Management System and ensure that all the suppliers in the supply-chain are in line with social responsability principles for their own activities;
- make the policy available to the staff on the notice board and post it on the company internet site for the interested parts;
- develop an efficient motivational system getting staff involved, in order to improve their skills, guarantee wellness, safety and health during the work and respecting the rights;
- sensitise staff on environmental aspects, getting suppliers and customers involved in actions of promotion of this topic;
- check costantly environmental parameters in order to immediately intervene in case of emergency;
- work together with monitoring organizations to find solutions for the improvement of performances.

The BB S.p.A. management organises meetings in order to share the “Integrated Policy and its goals” with the entire staff of the Company; furthermore BB S.p.A. management intends to check the validity of this Policy through the “Management Review”.

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