Metalink - New process for printing decorations in precious metals on fashion accessories

BB SPA Project financed under the Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020"

Project title: New process for printing decorations in precious metals on fashion accessories


The METALINK project synergistically involves important industries from two different production sectors: that of metal fashion accessories and that of technical ceramics, to offer the market a new technology and new products, intended for the fashion and luxury market.
The goal of the project is to develop an innovative digital printing technology that uses metallic inks, developed by Industrie Bitossi Spa of the Colorobbia Group, applied with laser technology, as an alternative to cooking in conventional ovens. The prototype of the new METALINK printing system will be created by IB, together with the partner TechnoTeam Srl and the DIEF Research Body and in collaboration with the subcontractor El.En Spa, which will handle the application of the decoration using a laser source. This printing technology, once the prototype has been developed and tested, will be tested at the lead partner Tecnomet Srl on BB Spa fashion accessories and on the new sintered alumina products that will be made by IB, which intends to use its know-how to diversify own production and enter new sectors. The possibility of printing metals (precious and non-precious) on metal and sintered technical ceramics can in fact open interesting scenarios and allow partner companies to create highly innovative products with technical ceramics, produced by IB, integrated with the design of metal fashion accessories. , proposed by BB to high fashion. This production synergy will be able to give life to innovative products and applications, primarily in fashion but also in various sectors from luxury to furniture to industrial design, up to automotive and aerospace.

The new process will allow you to print customized designs with precious metal inks, returning a highly effective and totally customizable decoration. The prototype of an inkjet / laser printer capable of applying these metallic inks on different materials, to create innovative fashion accessories and luxury products, will be tested at the lead partner Tecnomet, which will be studied and designed by partners BB and IB. The printer prototype will be integrated by a laser and managed by an intelligent printing software, for process control and image recognition, equipped with artificial intelligence and ICT sensors and interconnected with the company network, with a view to Industry 4.0.

The new products made of metal and sintered ceramic will be able to meet the fashion demands of light and resistant materials that are highly customizable and recognizable. This innovative printing process will allow partner industries to provide 'unique' and innovative tools in the hands of the stylists and designers of the most famous 'brands' of fashion and the world of 'luxury' and, therefore, to increase the offer of innovative products. and quality of the Tuscan industry in the sector.

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